Jul 6, 2020 • 1HR 16M

Luis Serrano: On Unlocking The Intuition Behind Math and Machine Learning

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Teja Kummarikuntla
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What does it take to start communicating with numbers and deconstructing any math theories/formulae? I always feel what does that sin and cos convey?

On this episode, I got a chance to speak with Luis about how unlocking the intuition behind mathematics and machine learning could impact your thinking and thought process of approaching any problem. Intense passion towards teaching resulted in authoring “Grokking Machine Learning” where someone can understand and teach Machine Learning with only stories.

Luis also answered questions like:

• How to not start learning Machine Learning?

• How did he Join Google, Udacity, and Apple in Data Science?

• How Machine learning distorts from academics to the industry?

• How to understand the research papers better?

• What is his brain tattoo before learning anything?

And many others.

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