Jul 19, 2020 • 49M

Frank Kane: On How to Become a Successful Online Instructor in Technology | Self Employment

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Teja Kummarikuntla
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Sometimes a person’s transformative life experience could happen in very hard situations and things can surely go unexpected. I’m so grateful to sit with Frank Kane, Founder of Sundog Education. Who’s deeply connected in the conversation and vulnerably revealed his life exploits and experience on making more than 1 million dollars with self-employment. You can literally feel his energy transfer to your mind into various thoughts that could possibly lead to initiate your business in parallel with your work. Frank also answered: • Why self-employed can never be unemployed? • How fallback plans can support you in becoming self-employed? • What Unexpected expenses you could face and how business plans can help you in the journey? • How can someone become a successful online instructor? • Is it really good to release courses on Udemy, this time? Machine Learning, Data Science and Deep Learning with Python, Course by Frank Kane, published by Manning Publicatiosn is giving away 3 free coupons with 100% off. Grab them up by joining the Give Away challange in Linkedin. Join the Give Away Challenge at: https://linktr.ee/tejakummarikuntla On top of that, apply “podexploit20” to avail 40% off on any books published by Manning at: https://www.manning.com/